2019 PANIC Winners

  • Rukmava Chatterjee - Mist Heist

    "While the Earth's atmosphere embodies gallons of water vapor, ironically, more than half of the world's population face daily water scarcity. Over the past few decades, researchers have come up with innovative strategies in an attempt to provide the world with 'drinkable air.' We have developed a waxy coating for mining moisture from air. Stripped from air, water droplets show very low adhesion and effortlessly and roll down the subcooled coated surface, thereby harvesting water."

  • Jeronimo Martinez - Air Bridge Over Tapered Transmission Line

    "Bridges serve as ways of grounding both planes of coplanar waveguides without shoring the main transmission line in the middle. This serves to reduce unwanted resonant modes in the circuits."

  • Etienne Dumur - Sample

    "Superconducting quantum flip-chip circuit before being connected to a sample holder to be measured at very low temperature (<273 C)."

  • Ming-Han Chou

    Cleland Quantum Lab