Safety & Policies

Safety in the PNF

The Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility team is committed to making safety a core value in the PNF. We have established and implemented policies, procedures, training, and infrastructure designed to ensure the safe operation and use of our facility. We support all levels of researchers from nanofabrication novices to experts in the field. The PNF is available to users from a wide range of disciplines and institutions. Our comprehensive PNF safety program includes:

  • a detailed analysis of all hazards associated with every tool and process combined with engineered solutions and training to minimize hazards
  • a safety training program that requires all users to complete facility and tool-specific training
  • multiple systems to mitigate and control all such hazards before any work begins
  • ongoing monitoring of the facility and users
  • routine facility safety inspection and hazard assessment
  • annual training requirements for all users


In order to maintain the safe operation of the PNF and ensure optimal safety for all users, the safety of each newly proposed project is individually assessed during the review process. Before working in the PNF, every user must complete safety training and orientation with the annual review required to maintain access.


Detailed guidance on working safely in the PNF can be found in the PNF CHP and User Manual. This manual is intended as a reference and describes the rules and procedures required to work safely in the PNF. These rules and procedures apply equally to all users and staff. The manual must be read and users must demonstrate detailed understanding of safety before beginning work in the PNF. Users must pass an EHSA online safety quiz, PNF-01W, annually. 


It is the responsibility of all users and staff to act in a professional, courteous, and safe manner at all times while working in the PNF. Anyone endangering the safety of themselves or other users will have their access privileges restricted, suspended or revoked at the sole discretion of the PNF management.


Additional safety resources include: