Get Started

  1. Register for access to the PNF
    Complete the user registration form and the business manager, Sally Wolcott, will start the process to set you up as a PNF user.

    If you are an external user, the PNF will start the process to get you set up with UChicago access and if you already have a UChicago affiliation, the PNF will confirm you have completed the required UChicago training:

    • 2012EHS14 - Chemical Hygiene Plan (includes Personal Protective Equipment)
    • 2016EHS40 - Fire Safety and Evacuation

  2. Describe your research project and process
    Write a short (up to 1 page) description of your research project and a short (up to 1 page) description of your process steps. This can be submitted on the registration form or emailed to the PNF.  This information is used to confirm that the PNF has the capabilities that you need and to ensure that materials that you will be using are compatible with other research being conducted in the PNF.

  3. Project feasibility assessment
    Peter Duda, the PNF technical director, will evaluate your research project feasibility and you will receive process design assistance if needed.

  4. CHP and User Manual
    Review in detail the PNF CHP and User Manual and pass the quiz for 2016PNF01 to confirm you understand the manual 

  5. User agreement
    Read and sign the appropriate user agreement.  Internal users require signed approval from their PI and our technical director.  External user agreements are managed on a case by case basis.  Contact oru business manager for assistance.

  6. General PNF orientation and safety training
    Attend a PNF orientation and safety class. You will be contacted by the PNF shortly after submitting your registration form.

  7. Meet with your sponsor and the PNF technical director
    Schedule a short meeting with your faculty or research sponsor and Peter Duda, the technical director in order to review your research and complete your access approval. We will review your safety training records to ensure you have completed all necessary training, discuss your process and plan related training needs, then you will be issued your PNF access via your Chicago card and you will be able to set up a user account for the PNF Online Services.

  8. PNF Online Services registration
    Register for PNF Online Services. PNF Online Services allows you to reserve equipment and handles payment for equipment and materials.

  9. Specific equipment training
    Schedule and complete training on specific equipment used for your fabrication process.

You may now schedule use of equipment through the PNF Online Services site and proceed with your approved project.