The PNF is dedicated to supporting cutting edge research by providing access to our ISO Class 5 clean room containing a suite of equipment and tools for advanced lithographic processing of both soft and hard materials.  The PNF will be accommodating to users interested in processing unusual types, shapes and sizes of substrates as well as more conventional wafer-based processing. All tools have the capability to handle a range of substrate sizes from piece parts up to 150mm wafers.

The PNF is open to all trained users from any discipline with equal access available to UChicago and external users. In order to access to the PNF all users must complete the required facility training and any additional training required to access the specific tools and equipment they plan to use.  The PNF utilizes a fee for use structure to cover access to the PNF as well as tool and equipment usage.


All substrate and film properties can all be measured in the PNF utilizing, among others, our AFM and SEM.  Determining properties such as stress, thickness, and surface roughness allows users to customize their materials to meet the application.


A modern, flexible toolset in deposition allows for almost any type of film to be deposited from metallic films to dielectric films.  Film properties (electrical or mechanical) can be tailored to any requirement including low loss and or low stress dielectrics.

Dry Etching

From state of the art Bosch Process to high temperature Cl2 etch, the PNF has the capability to etch all of the common compound semiconductors and metals. Mems processes can also utilize our HF and XeF2 etchers for release processes.


State-of-the-art equipment for processes involving photolithography (to 500nm), electron beam lithography (to 8nm), and direct-write lithography (to 1um). Resist thickness from 20nm to 100um support processes from superconducting to microfluidics.

Packaging, Testing, and Measurement

Dicing, wire bonding, IV measurements and vacuum packaging are all part of the PNF Test and Measurement suite.

Thermal Processing

Thermal processes are used for a wide variety of applications in fabrication including dopant activation, thermal oxidation, metal reflow and chemical vapor deposition.

Wet Etching

A wide range of specialized wet benches suitable for wet etching processes including dedicated hoods for HF and other toxic materials.