Chemical Vapor Deposition

State-of-the-art tools for a variety of CVD processes, including plasma-enhanced and high-density plasma deposition as well as flexible atomic layer deposition processes. These processes allow for low temperature, high quality film deposition as well as high uniformity, precision thin film coating.

Plasma-Therm Apex SLR HDPCVD

The Plasma-Therm Apex SLR is a High Density Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (HDPCVD) system. It uses an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) source to generate higher density plasma than a PECVD system providing deposition at lower temperatures for higher quality, low temperature films. 

Plasma-Therm Vision 310 PECVD

The Plasma-Therm Vision 310 PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) system is a CVD system which utilizes plasma to significantly lower the temperatures at which a given film is deposited on a substrate. The Vision 310 can be used for the controlled deposition of SiNx, SiC, a-Si, and SiOxNy films, among others.

Tystar Mini-Tytan 4600 Furnace System

The Tystar Mini-Tytan 4600 Furnace system is designed for diffusion, oxidation, and LPCVD applications. The system consists of four vacuum tubes in one furnace stack. Two of these are atmospheric pressure tubes and the other two are low-pressure tubes. The Tystar 4600 can perform low-temperature oxide processes and the deposition of materials such as silicon nitride and polysilicon. The Tystar 4600 offers high process uniformity and incorporates some of the most advanced concepts in high-performance wafer processing.

Ultratech/Cambridge Fiji G2 Plasma-Enhanced ALD

The Ultratech Fiji G2 plasma system is a modular high-vacuum ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) system that accommodates a wide range of deposition modes while using a flexible system architecture that permits multiple configurations of precursors and plasma gases. The result is a plasma ALD system that reproduces the thermal and plasma enhanced ALD films of the literature as well as providing experimental flexibility for future ALD innovations.

Ultratech/Cambridge Savannah ALD System

Ultratech/Cambridge Savannah ALD System is equipped with high-speed pneumatic pulse valves to enable thin film deposition on Ultra High Aspect Ratio substrates. This proven precision thin film coating methodology can be used to deposit conformal, uniform films on substrates with aspect ratios of greater than > 2000:1.