Characterization, Packaging, & Test

Characterization, packaging and testing tools support a variety of techniques and measurements essential for controlling fabrication processes and final device performance.

Bruker Dimension Icon AFM

The Bruker Dimension Icon AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) is a very high resolution scanning microscope used in scanning microscopy (SPM) which produces three dimensional images. It is used for nanoscale surface topography, nano-mechanical, nano-electircal, and nano-scale chemical mapping, and morphology measurement.

Disco DAD3240 Automatic Dicing Saw

The Disco DAD3240 Dicing Saw is a compact, manual, precision dicing saw with an automatic function which is common to the DAD3000 series. Its operating system and LCD touch panel allow for intuitive handling and it can cut through a range of materials, including difficult-to-cut materials essential to the nanofabrication process such as silicon.

Horiba UVISEL 2 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The UVISEL 2 is an accurate and sensitive ellipsometer and includes a wide range of integrated automated features useful for the investigation of all materials. The UVISEL 2 is simple to operate and has the performance required for characterizing all current materials as well as the next generation of materials and structures.

KLA-Tencor P-7 Surface Profilometer

The KLA-Tencor P-7 Surface Profilometer is a research grade stylus profiler for surface metrology and measurement. The KLA-Tencor P-7 is software equipped with parameters for a wide range of measurements including depth, step height, roughness, waviness, slop, flatness, distance, bearing ratio, radius of curvature, and more.

Nikon Eclipse L200 Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse L200 Optical Microscope is a microscope capable of greater contrast, high resolving power and darkfield images up to three times brighter than other models. It can be used for the precise optical inspection of wafers, photo masks, reticles and other substrates.