PNF User Agreements

All PNF users are required to sign a user agreement.  You are considered an internal UChicago user when your work in the PNF will be billed to a UChicago FAS account number.  All users whose work in the PNF will NOT be billed using a UChicago FAS account number are considered external users.

If you are an internal UChicago user, please read and sign the University of Chicago Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility Internal User Agreement. If you have any questions about completing the user agreement, please contact the PNF Business Manager .

If you are an external user, please review the Facility Use Agreement and contact the PNF Business Manager. Acceptance of this Facilities Use Agreement must be in accordance with and strictly limited to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. An attempted acknowledgment or acceptance which contains provisions conflicting or additional to the Terms and Conditions herein set forth or which varies any term or condition shall have no force or effect.