User Fees 2017-2018

Types of Users

We charge different rates for different types of users. In the charts below:

  • Internal includes users affilated with the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northwestern University
  • Non-profit includes users affiliated with other academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and the government
  • Industrial includes all other users 

Training & Access Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Start-up Fee/User* $500 $790 $1290

*One time fee per user includes all trainings (facility and tools), cleanroom garments, PPE, and administrative costs.  No additional training or access fees required to become a PNF User.

CleanRoom Access Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Cleanroom Access/Hour – 8AM-5PM $35 $55 $90
Cleanroom Access/Hour – 5PM-8AM $20 $32 $52

Equipment Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Tier 0 Tools no fee no fee no fee
Tier 1 Tools $10 $16 $26
Tier 2 Tools $15 $24 $39
Tier 3 Tools $35 $55 $90
Tier 4 Tools (E-beam) $150 $237 $387

Remote Processing/Special Project Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Staff Support $65 $103 $168


  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Precious Materials Market Market Market
Supplies Fisher Fisher Fisher

Training and Access Fees include

  • Access credentials
  • Gowning fees
  • Training

Cleanroom Access Fees are hourly and include

  • Access to clearoom
  • Access to Tier 0 tools for trained users
  • Incidental supplies (common solvents, developers, photoresist, etc.)
  • Staff support during business hours

Equipment Fees for Tier 1-4 tools

  • Hourly usage fees charged in addition to hourly clean room access fees

Remote Processing/Special Project Fees

  • Hourly fees for specific staff involvement to provide remote processing services or to support a special project
  • Additional equipment fees will apply as required


  • Precious or expensive materials not provided by the user will be charged at the market rate
  • Fisher Supply rooms will be one source for many of the user supplied chemicals, prior PNF approval required