User Fees 2023-2024

Types of Users

We charge different rates for different types of users. In the charts below:

  • Internal includes users affiliated with the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northwestern University
  • Non-profit includes users affiliated with other academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and the government
  • Industrial includes all other users 

Training & Access Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Start-up Fee/User* $500 $790 $1290
Observer Fee** $10 $16 $26


*One time fee per user includes all trainings (facility and tools), cleanroom garments, PPE, and administrative costs.  No additional training or access fees required to become a PNF User.

**Principal Investigators may request special approval from the Technical Director for researchers to enter the PNF as an observer, at a reduced hourly fee. PNF Observers are required to complete all of the same safety training as PNF users, must always be accompanied by an approved user, may only enter the PNF during business hours, and will not have access to use PNF tools. PNF Observers who request PNF User access after completing up to 30 hours of documented observation time, may request that their observer fees be credited towards the PNF Start-up fee. If at any time, a researcher enters the PNF as an observer and is discovered processing samples in the PNF, then that PNF Observer will be charged the PNF Start-up fee of $500 and will not receive any credit towards the PNF Start-up fee from their PNF Observer fees.

CleanRoom Access Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Cleanroom Access/Hour – 8AM-5PM $35 $55 $90
Cleanroom Access/Hour – 5PM-8AM $20 $32 $52

Equipment Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Tier 0 Tools no fee no fee no fee
Tier 1 Tools $10 $16 $26
Tier 2 Tools $15 $24 $39
Tier 3 Tools $35 $55 $90
Tier 4 Tools (E-beam) $150 $237 $387

Remote Processing/Special Project Fees

  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Staff Support $65 $103 $168


  Internal Non-Profit Industrial
Precious Materials Market Market Market
Supplies Fisher Fisher


Training and Access Fees include

  • Access credentials
  • Gowning fees
  • Training

Cleanroom Access Fees are hourly and include

  • Access to cleanroom
  • Access to Tier 0 tools for trained users
  • Incidental supplies (common solvents, developers, photoresist, etc.)
  • Staff support during business hours

Equipment Fees for Tier 1-4 tools

  • Hourly usage fees charged in addition to hourly cleanroom access fees

Remote Processing/Special Project Fees

  • Hourly fees for specific staff involvement to provide remote processing services or to support a special project
  • Additional equipment fees will apply as required


  • Precious or expensive materials not provided by the user will be charged at the market rate
  • Fisher Supply rooms will be one source for many of the user-supplied chemicals, prior PNF approval required
  • Prime wafers: $14 each; Test wafers: $12 each


Click HERE for the payment screen to pay PNF fees by credit card.

*Please note that we do not offer refunds for credit card payments.