Plassys Electron Beam Evaporator


The Plassys Electron Beam Evaporator MEB550S is a state of the art tool for Electron Beam Evaporation, a speciality PVD process here at the PNF where electron beam processes are used in highly specialized nanofabrication to meet the diverse needs of PNF based researchers, students, and clients (see Angstrom EvoVac Electron Beam Evaporator and Angstrom NexDep Thermal Electron Beam Evaporator). Electron beam evaporation is one of two broad families of PVD processes, the other being Sputtering. The PNF can accomodate users interested in either (see AJA ATC 2200 UHV Sputtering System and AJA ATC Orion 8 UHV Sputtering System). 

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